​​​​​Lemon Grove Deli 

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[5.0 star rating]

Just had a surprisingly good pastrami on rye sandwich here. I say surprised because this is a unicorn here in SD. I'm only mildly impressed with proclaimed Jewish delis here, namely D.Z. Akins and Miltons. Meh. 

While this sando did not have the amount of pastrami on it that you would find at a Jewish Deli (which this does not claim to be) what was there was quality. It had the fat and unctuous umami taste you want from quality pastrami and the rye was quite decent too. I wouldn't normally have cheese on a pastrami, but again, this is not a traditional deli, so I went with how they make it and I was not disappointed. It was deeelish!! Rye was nicely grilled and the cheese oozed perfectly all over my plate. I only wish they had the hot sweet mustard I love on my pastrami, but hey, I'll just being my own with me next time! The steak fries were cooked perfectly too. 

I love some of the offerings on their menu, They have this pastrami combined with roast beef and it looks like enough to share with someone. They have 6 different versions of loaded fries too! Pastrami, Cheesesteak, Rueben, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Gyros and chili fries....WOW!!

They seem to be known for their breakfasts and that time of day is usually pretty crowded here. You'll see they have a lot of law enforcement officers as fans too. 

One breakfast is called the Ultimate Hungry Man. One pound of either bacon, sausage or ham!!! Along with 3 eggs, hash browns and choice of waffles or pancaked AND toast! OY VEY!! All for only $12.95. 

They also serve meatball sub with homemade red Italian sauce by owner, Lynne who has written a book on Italian cooking!

I sat and talked with the owners, Tom and Lynne and they were so pleasant to talk to. Really good and friendly people. I didn't catch my server's name, but he was also wonderful. 

28 sandwiches, 6 different salads, Mexican food,  6 types of loaded fries and onion rings, 17 types of breakfasts....dare you to not be able to find SOMETHING on this list you will like!!